Champagne & Cupcakes is your full service, custom design studio.  Whether it's for your "big day" or just to look snazzy in the office, we work with you to create your ultimate dream dress.  All our pieces are hand crafted, locally with love by designer, Caroline Yoon.  How does this work, you ask...

The White Label Collection

The collection features over 40 styles in which you can modify design details, select fabrics and colours to your individual taste.   Yummy right?  Get your dress made in your choices and then have it sized to fit you perfectly.  Colour specific?  We offer hundreds of colour options and even offer sourcing from our suppliers to colour match to your swatches.   The collection starts at $229 plus alterations and turn around time is roughly 3-8 weeks depending on time of season.  

Just for you Customization

So you've fallen in love, ransacked the universe but just can't find that perfect dress? Want to make it work on your body?  Work with the designer through several fittings of prototype samples to create that dress....just for you!  See it come to life.  This option of customization is the full package including all fabrics, fittings and alterations.  Starting at $450 depending on design, details and fabrics chosen.  Turn around time is roughly 5-8 weeks depending on time of season.